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Politics in America: Desensitized yet Overly Sensitive


For the past ten years of my life I’ve been paying attention to American politics and the response people have to the people in positions of power. It started when my mentor at my college, Senator Maggie Glover, took me under her wing and started to guide to academic greatness. Through her she ensured that as many of her students as possible had the chance to meet Senator Barack Obama as he was touring and gathering support for his first election. It was awesome to meet someone who made history. At the same time he turned this nation on it’s head in disbelief. From that point on I really started to take note of peoples behaviors and words.

After Obama’s election I had a few teachers, at an HBCU, Not show up to work for a few days. These teachers advocated for the opposition. I was young, but I was never naive enough to think that it was just because they were republican born and bred. They were opposed to an African American being in the greatest seat of power in this nation. Since they needed a job, they danced around how they spoke about him, eventually choosing to not speak about him at all. When you locked eyes with him though you could still see the rage and disgust though.

Fast forward to 2018 and the world has literally gone to shit as some would say. This is because people have become Desensitized yet overly sensitive about civil, moral, and political subject matter. It seems the art of debate has been lost, and the act of having screaming matches has taken over.


The Desensitization has come about in my opinion due to the explosion of social media. Now everyone and their mother can rant and rave about what they don’t like and find thousands of followers who believe the same. Social media has done wonders for giving the masses a voice and a platform to SCREAM OUT LOUD about how they feel. Now we have entire Facebook and Twitter pages dedicated to opinions, whether they be laced with facts or not.

Now this platform has been turned volatile at this point, and it gets worse because every single day an act of violence, murder, hate crime, racism, prejudice, etc gets shared on there multiple times. After seeing that much pain, suffering, and just immoral behavior constantly the masses get desensitized to it. It is almost expected now every time one logs into their social media accounts.

That is a little broad so lets dig a bit deeper. Now the members of a race/ethnicity/sexual preference will be constantly shown negative acts towards them and subconscious accept that this is their world. On the other side of that people see that happen all the time and accept that it is happening to them constantly so it must be their fault, since they aren’t like me. Surely, they have done something to deserve this. Now this breeds a culture of people who just don’t care when injustice happens. We just keep on scrolling. (I don’t mean all people are like this, but we are starting to see more and more people who are.) 


Overly Sensitive 

This is a category of people we all know too well. Its the people who instantly take whatever you post about and tell you that your are wrong for posting it or hurting their feelings for it. Every act the world does is an act against them. Have you noticed that they only feel this way if their beliefs are infringed upon though? They become charged if what they view as right is spoken ill of.  Now lets take into account what I said earlier about being desensitized to certain things they see, and it gives you the full scope of the people we have to deal with on the regular.

These people won’t bat an eye at something that doesn’t directly pertain to them or mock the values that they hold dear. The moment you say anything to them, or just post something on social media that goes against what they believe they will cry out as a victim and retaliate. In recent times, we all can agree that most of these fires are started when peoples political, racial, or civil rights views are in question. People fight for their political parties all the time. We all it bickering, they call it congress. At the same time people will always stand and fight for Racial equality, but the other side of the coin is people fighting for racial injustice. You’re naive if you don’t see that.

Its just taxing as hell to deal with in our daily lives. On a personal level its hard to walk around with all my views and passions and have to keep them bottled up because I have to be strong, or I don’t want the atmosphere around me to be charged. I have to keep my mouth shut so I’m not stereotyped as the Angry Black Man, or the Woke Negro. I don’t claim to be either, I’m just aware of the world around me. After a while I will break and say something openly about how I feel on a situation. Once I do it will be backed with facts and said in a none aggressive way, but even that is seen as an attack and a battle will erupt. That is the part that kills me, that’s why I’m writing this now. Politics and other things have turned Americans into Desensitized yet overly sensitive beings of emotions. Those emotions are usually rage served up with a sizable dose of judgment.

I honestly don’t know if anything can be done for us as a nation. We’re encouraged to have opinions, but apparently it better be the “Right” opinion or you’ll be condemned for it. I have to walk around devoid of most emotions, play the part of the smile with sarcasm just to cope with the world. With the way that the world is set up if I do much more than that I’m frowned upon and told that I’m a problem. But am I really? Or is what I have to say just different from what you believe, so you’re lashing out at me? Think on that…

-Poetic Ice


social media

Sometimes we get lost in the media

Consumed with the trends

All to make sure we have gossip for friends/


But what if we unplugged from the machine/

Let our brains have an opinion of there own/

Actually sit down ans indulge in the creative zone/


Sit and remember how to talk to people/

Bolster our interpersonal bond/

The thing as infants we held most fond/


Reach out and actually touch one another./

Making memories, nor making posts/

Before we lose our chance and are among the ghosts/


Poetic Ice

world observations

Double standard of Ignorance


I saw this picture floating around my Facebook news feed and it got me to thinking.
1. I love Paul Mooney and his stand up comedy.

2. More importantly the message on the picture is right.

I don’t get political or too militant too often but when I do its usually because people I observe in this world are saying/doing something incredibly stupid, racist, sick, etc. This time it’s the youthful African Americans need to display their intra-racial violence on social media. Their chosen medium is the ignorant holy grail worldstar hip hop. I won’t type that as a link because I don’t want you going there. I’ve been there a few times I’ll admit, but I’m not proud of it nor will I promote it. Last time it was curiosity, apparently morbid curiosity that took me there.

This current generation and the one following are all walking around with miniature cameras either in hand or on the phone because apparently the world values nothing unless it gets views online or liked, followed, tweeted, etc. So, they record the violence that happens and turn it into a show for the world. Giving it a fancy title like” Leon got knocked the FUCK out” or some other stupid moniker to draw in people with this same morbid taste. Within no time this has 100,000 views and is all over Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and most people who put mentally healthy things online won’t even get a view without begging. Its as if my people are drawn to things that hold us back intentionally. Do we as a group prefer to be treated as wild ignorant beast so we act like that and put it on display? I sure as hell don’t.

Some people argue that it’s the next big fad and will too soon pass. That may be true, but who decided watching a young woman be beat to death was fad worthy. A child is no longer breathing and we liked and shared the video. What the hell is wrong with us as a people to do that? The biggest problem I have with this is the people watching these videos and perpetuating the cycle of ignorance are the first to get up in arms when a member of ANY other race attacks/harms a member of the African American community. Now the same violence that they have turned into an idol is wrong. Now we must march and protest, and fight for the video to be removed from EVERY Social media outlet. If you watch THIS video you are against us as a people, and you must be a born racist who dreams of hunting down every minority. See it’s fine to be defensive of your people, But wait a minute. Wasn’t it last week you shared a video of Leon getting jumped by four other black boys and getting knocked out? How is it any different from Lamont getting attacked by four white boys and being knocked out? Because you saw a color change? A color that shouldn’t matter in this day and age. VIOLENCE shouldn’t happen to begin with, but the only thing my people will see is the color that threw the punch.

Why is there a double standard to violence? Why is it okay for one and not the other? Why is it constantly being promoted via social media so it can further it’s desensitization of our youth who watch out of curiousity? If we want to lower the rate of violence, and in a utopian world stop violence, we have to stop glorifying violence. Stop putting it up on a pedestal as a means to achieve notoriety. Stop being so ignorant and making videos with that as the only content, and then being militant about interracial violence. Violence is an act between two beings no matter their race that should be never happen!

Stop the double standard.
Stop the violence.

That’s just my two cent on the subject.

Poetic ice

Poetry, world observations


Running rampant in our world/
Torturing our community/
Killing our people/
Protected under the law/
America’s frozen heart will never thaw/
Zimmerman and Dunn
“Stood Their ground” and won/
Martin and Davis bled out away from parents, never again to see the sun/
Irony never hit harder in the sunshine state/
Its apparent if you own a gun you control fate/
The fates of unarmed children/
Honestly does that make you a hero then?/
A hoodie, skittles, music, and tea…/
Did you know they were your life’s fee?/
Martin and Davis and so many others/
God, do you hear all of the weeping fathers and mothers?/
Brothers and sisters?
All because of two unforgiving misters?
Zimmerman and Dunn
let me ask do you feel our shun?
Or rage, hate fear, disgust, confusion?
At the fact that you are afforded rights, and you abused them?
Do you feel them?
Your psychological wounds, time may never heal them/
This mental struggle is yours and yours alone/
Because these boys can never go home/
You stood you ground in Florida, you know your rights.
But would there be a ground to stand on if they were whites?
Or girls
Muslim or atheist?
Or in another country?
In a dictatorship or empire?/
A democracy allows you to vote on whats murder or not./
And votes can always be bought!/
As long as I pay my taxes and feel threatened without proof I can decide who gets shot/
If you can’t see the wrong in this, you’re blind/
What warped propaganda has twisted your mind?/
Your another zimmerman and Dunn waiting to happen/
And when it does your like minded clan will be clapping/
We as humans apparently need something to save us/
Before there is another Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis.

R.I.P. Young men, guide us from the other side and greet us with arms opened wide my brothers, not because of race, because of our humanity. A fact forgotten by many.

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