Media Machine

The media machine is an agent of chaos/
Truly aligned with the misaligned/
A franchise if you will that has you feasting at their kiosk/
Now with their product, your views are defined/

When there is good in the world, the machine shows you the devil/
When peace runs rampant it reminds you of a war/
You know of hate, but media takes it to the next level/
Now you feel like a battle is on your nearest shore/
Media shuns the educated in lieu of the ignorant/
You are force fed political nonsense/
Politicians result to gaining popularity instead of doing their job/
They just want your like, follow, or view but they all sound dense/
When I think about it I really want to sob/
In reality the media is the world ruler/
Politicians are nothing without its platform/
You have to be aligned with the ruler/
But your common sense will be swept up in the idiotic storm/



Insane sanity


It’s easy to be crazy, hard to be sane
A fact that rings true much to my disdain/
Oh the humanity
I’m trapped in my sanity
Life’s goal is for you not to be demented/
Not to give someone boots that are cemented/
Just to stay calm and chill
Don’t give in to the orgasmic urge to kill
Be noble, wear a cape like Bruce Wayne
Never be a Joker laughing at a blood stain/
Don’t ever let the blood smear
Hold you sanity very near
I’m wrapped in a straight jacket called society/
Where nut jobs and wackos get notoriety/
They walk loose, everyone is dangerous
Pushing the limits of Gore trying to be infamous/
Yet we are instructed, taught, trained to be sane/
It’s almost a sin to even complain/
Insane sanity, it’s not rare, actually commonplace/
Its almost normal to want to hatchet a face/
But if sanity is insane and insanity is sane/
Then, who is really in the straight jacket? The Joker or Bruce Wayne/
It can really bother the mind
Are you insane? Or sane with an axe to grind?/

Poetic Ice

Who really knows?