Poetry, world observations


Running rampant in our world/
Torturing our community/
Killing our people/
Protected under the law/
America’s frozen heart will never thaw/
Zimmerman and Dunn
“Stood Their ground” and won/
Martin and Davis bled out away from parents, never again to see the sun/
Irony never hit harder in the sunshine state/
Its apparent if you own a gun you control fate/
The fates of unarmed children/
Honestly does that make you a hero then?/
A hoodie, skittles, music, and tea…/
Did you know they were your life’s fee?/
Martin and Davis and so many others/
God, do you hear all of the weeping fathers and mothers?/
Brothers and sisters?
All because of two unforgiving misters?
Zimmerman and Dunn
let me ask do you feel our shun?
Or rage, hate fear, disgust, confusion?
At the fact that you are afforded rights, and you abused them?
Do you feel them?
Your psychological wounds, time may never heal them/
This mental struggle is yours and yours alone/
Because these boys can never go home/
You stood you ground in Florida, you know your rights.
But would there be a ground to stand on if they were whites?
Or girls
Muslim or atheist?
Or in another country?
In a dictatorship or empire?/
A democracy allows you to vote on whats murder or not./
And votes can always be bought!/
As long as I pay my taxes and feel threatened without proof I can decide who gets shot/
If you can’t see the wrong in this, you’re blind/
What warped propaganda has twisted your mind?/
Your another zimmerman and Dunn waiting to happen/
And when it does your like minded clan will be clapping/
We as humans apparently need something to save us/
Before there is another Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis.

R.I.P. Young men, guide us from the other side and greet us with arms opened wide my brothers, not because of race, because of our humanity. A fact forgotten by many.

So many cases of senseless violence and death happen daily the news can’t keep up with it all. Its getting to the point now where the news seems to be glorifying the violence for ratings because if they aren’t coveting the latest violent act no one is watching. The need has become so depressing now because I almost expect to see as another young nan or woman slain. Another child kidnapped or held hostage. Another elderly couple murdered and their belongings stolen. When did the world become so violent? I guess the better question is, did the world become more violent or are we just more aware of it because of social media?

Are we as humans such efficient hunters/killers now that the media show it off, or are we just trying to keep the rest of the populace safe by making then aware of the violent members of our species? I don’t know, I don’t have the answer, and I don’t think we as humans are meant to have the answer. I think we’re just meant to try and survive the violent times that we’ve been in since we stepped out of the Garden of Eden. That’s just my two cents on the world around me.

-Poetic Ice


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