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A handout for pet owners: Understanding Ebola

A lot of people are growing concerned with Ebola and it reaching our borders. Arming yourselves with knowledge is the best thing to do. Being a Veterinary technician I encounter people who are concerned about their pets also being carriers or transmitting it, so I found this handout to help educate. Follow the link below to read the handout that the CDC put out.

A handout for pet owners: Understanding Ebola.

How you can’t get Ebola

  • Ebola is not airborne
  • Can’t contract it through water
  • Can’t contract it through food

How you CAN Get Ebola via

  • Touching the blood or body fluids of one sick or has died from the disease
  • Touching contaminated objects such as needles
  • touching infected animals, their blood and body fluids, eating their meat

Knowledge is Power

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