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Living History

Living History

This world is a living being

The proof is in what we’re seeing

We are under an unprecedented attack

And I don’t Know if we’ll take our win back

We’ve sponsored and spread war

Bled countries dry from shore to shore

But now we’re up against the unseen

The specter named COVID-19

At first this country took it for a joke

Now streets are vacant and our economy is about to choke

At first it was like nature sent us to our rooms

But now people are dying, this may be our doom

When will there be a cure, that is the mystery

Until then our isolation, fear and death, is our living history

Stay healthy, stay safe, stay home.

-Poetic Ice



Weakness has gathered in the heart of thee

Exposing the human being his fragility

It’s not the Human’s fault

The universe is what puts his heart under assault

The quaking sea of our soul can’t settle with ease

Especially when it’s engorged with ripples of disease

Many a mortal have developed a cure

But the deadliest remain elusive and evil at its most pure

It’s the incurable evil that makes man want to break

Especially when it’s a loved one’s life at stake

What makes you feel weak is the inability to invoke change

This leads is what makes us psychotic and deranged

You pull your hair and scream why

Feeling like you will soon die

The truth is, the fertile weakness has birthed fear

Fear that you’ll lose something that to you is dear

Who do you turn to when you are afraid?

What do you do when you are undergoing this raid?

The only thing you can do is steel your mind

Strengthen your resolve and leave that fear behind.

Abandon the fear of not being able to do anything.

No this will not prevent the maladies fate will bring

But you can become a version of strong.

Strong enough to deal with the universe’s wrong

A strength to make you able to speak

Speak loud in protest when the universe has made you weak

The dark dank evil of the universe of the evil created diseases

But it’s the human thing to protest it and not let it do as it pleases


world observations

A handout for pet owners: Understanding Ebola

A lot of people are growing concerned with Ebola and it reaching our borders. Arming yourselves with knowledge is the best thing to do. Being a Veterinary technician I encounter people who are concerned about their pets also being carriers or transmitting it, so I found this handout to help educate. Follow the link below to read the handout that the CDC put out.

A handout for pet owners: Understanding Ebola.

How you can’t get Ebola

  • Ebola is not airborne
  • Can’t contract it through water
  • Can’t contract it through food

How you CAN Get Ebola via

  • Touching the blood or body fluids of one sick or has died from the disease
  • Touching contaminated objects such as needles
  • touching infected animals, their blood and body fluids, eating their meat

Knowledge is Power

Poetic Ice