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Amazon Prime Day!!!

Today is Amazon Prime Day (Starts around 3pm ET). So if you get a chance Head over and order my books if you haven’t already!


The Candy Shop!

A young woman, Jordan Jones, is trying to navigate life and survive life in Chamberlyn, New York. She struggles with her abusive ex-boyfriend, drug addiction and deep family issues. All while working at a strip club, Welcome to the Candy Shop


Sacred Swords

My fantasy fiction novel about a young couple, Leon and Devin, find out they are descended from Gods and have a destiny thrust upon them to save the world from darkness. All while trying to finish college!

Original Stories

The Chamberlyn Chronicles Continues!!!

For those of you who followed the first book of The Chamberlyn Chronicles and loved it, I’ll let you in on a little secret….. You don’t spend a good part of your undergraduate years working at The Candy Shop and not develop a Sweet Tooth…..

If you’re wondering, yes it’s intentionally greyscaled and blurred lol.

New stories coming soon.

-Poetic Ice

world observations


Happy Friday world!!!!

I have a quick question, has anyone ever used Amazon for publishing an Ebook? If so how did you like the process? was it hard? do you recommend it? I’m thinking about it since I haven’t found a traditional way of publishing…. My only reservation about it is that I like the idea of a hard/softcover book in hand to read… Any suggestions/ideas?


world observations

August Wish


What’s up world!? How’s life right now? I trust all is well. Welcome to August, school is about to start, temperatures take their last rise before they fall, and football tension rises amongst coworkers.

It’s the beginning of the month and the perfect time to plan out your monthly goals. I’m calling it an August Wish. Take a moment and write out all you hope to accomplish and check them off as you complete them. Seeing is believing, and seeing those goals checked off is an satisfying accomplishment all its own. Make your August Wish come true friends!

My August Wish
1. Finish the first draft of my novel, The Candy Shop.
2. Start the process on finding a literary agent.
3. Find more beta readers for my novel.
4. Write more poetry.

Good luck with your August Wishes

Poetic Ice