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I’m looking for someone/
Maybe you could help me/
Something awful must’ve happened, what have I done/

See our lives were interwoven into loves rope/
A bond that was what I thought, sacred/
But seems I was wrong, is there hope?

Hope of your secrets to come to light?/
Will I once again earn a trust I knew not I lost/
Or have you declared war, is this a fight?/

If so brandish the blades, go in armed/
If you’ve turned on me, let the  bridges burn!/
I won’t be the only one harmed/

As you cut through our memories you will know pain/
A time when you need me will arise/
But you’ll be left bleeding out in the rain/

I wanted this fixed/
You chose to shun me/
Now my rage and sorrow are mixed/

I thought you lost, a person gone missing/
A person I could one day find again/
But I found only a snake hissing/

Poetic Ice

Things Vet Techs Don’t Like 4

So by now you aren’t surprised that I have more to say. What can I say? The world keeps spinning, and flinging new kinds of WTF moments at Vet Techs daily.


My Dog Doesn’t Bite, She May Scratch You With Her Teeth Though
This is a great source of WTF for me. The hell do you mean he doesn’t bite, but he will scratch you with her teeth? If it’s able to scratch me with said teeth it must be an attempt to bite that was narrowly dodged. If your pet is quarantined for biting by DHEC and you are in the clinic for your mandatory rabies shot then YES we are muzzling Baron Von Cujo no matter how much You say your growing mass of furry fury isn’t going to bite.

Oh I forgot To Mention 2 Days Ago My Dog Ate (Insert Foreign Object Here)
This one hurts as well as angers. As a tech it’s your job to be the Watson to your doctor’s Sherlock. You gather evidence to solve the crime or in this case save the pet. If your suspect omits a crucial piece of information you can’t do your job effectively or quick enough and may lose said pet. It hurts so bad when you know a pet could be saved from the agony of a perforated bowel and/or Death if you would have just told us every little detail during the investigation/exam. Even if you think its trivial it could save your pet’s life. Don’t lose them if you don’t have too. Common sense and speaking up goes a long way in veterinary medicine.


Breeders, enough said
I could just say Breeders and every vet tech in existence would have a million stories of why they don’t like them. First off they see their pets as income tools and not the family members they are. Second when you do come into the clinic with your ELEVEN lab puppies all of them seem to be walking fuzzy galleries of intestinal parasites and/or Parvo candidates. You are overpopulating an overpopulated world with pets when you should encourage adoption. You buy feed store vaccines and claim your pets a vaccinated, but your clients have NO way if really knowing if they are or not. And last but not least you volunteer medical info, whether it be right or wrong in such a way that the client will take your word as the word of God over ours as if we’re the serpent in the Garden. You make work twice as hard for us.

… No. No witty comment. That’s my two cents and i’m done.

poetic ice


It’s 3 in the morning/
And I’m up with no warning/
Mind bursting with random thought/
Another intellectual battle to be fought/
Sleep you elusive dame/
Once again I’m chasing you in this game/
I simply want to revitalize my soul/
But now I contemplate my life’s roll/
Why can’t I sleep/
Maybe I should count sheep/
My sheets are as soft as silk/,So should I be out with a glass of warm milk?/
No, now I’m watching night birth a sunrise/
And a day full of drowsiness is my only Prize/
I’ll be a manic by noon/
If I can’t solve This insomnia soon/

Poetic Ice

Things Vet Techs Don’t Like Vol. 3

This is becoming more true each day

It’s time for the third round of Things Vet Techs Don’t Like. at this point I’m sure this list will never end, and I now accept it as therapy. That and wine…

Insert theme of Cops Here

Calling The Cops
Working in this field you encounter so many different types of people. One of the worse types of people are the ones that skip out on the bill. That one prick you encounter that just decides “I’m not paying my bill because…” They will have some bogus reason that suggest that you are an agent of Satan after money and not an employee of a business collecting payment for services rendered. They’ll make a scene, confusing and/or causing that awkward feeling to spread like a wildfire across the lobby and then leave in a hurried huff. Now you must call the cops because they just stole your services and/or products. In South Carolina, that’s petty Larceny and punishable by a $500 fine and 30 days in jail. Once the cop shows up on your doorstep as an armed bill collector the client usual comes groveling back with payment in hand.

I Don’t Know How Long He’s Been Like This…
That phrase is the most annoying Frickin thing to hear. It’s like saying I’ve been ignorant to the neglect of my animal, but that’s cool. No, no it’s not cool. Coming into any clinic with a pet that has an embedded anything is an instant red flag. Every veterinary professional you see henceforth is a raging bull only concerned with helping your pet, and contemplating calling animal control. We don’t, just don’t understand how something gets embedded without you noticing. How do you not pet or observe your animal enough to see a collar is getting too damn tight? This just infuriates me.

We're all in the medical field right?

I’m A Doctor/Dentist/Optometrists, Allow Me To Treat You Like Shit
This one affects all in the building, not just the Vet Techs. Every veterinary professional has encountered this. It seems that when other medical professionals need veterinary services they just view us as a group of people playing dress up with puppies and kittens. We must not have any kind of real education and don’t understand the science behind medicine. Other medical professionals more often than not come in and act superior to is and try to act like our degrees and education mean nothing next to there’s. They often try to engage in intellectual sparring and get mad that we can actually jeep up with them. Often they try to tell you how they would treat a problem or what the problem actually is, and once you diagnose the issue and go over treatment they always have something to say. Sweet God this is annoying and infuriating, and makes us borderline violent. What happened to common courtesy, it’s usually these clients that give us the most hell during our work day. They should be the ones that are the most understanding. Nope they’d rather make sure you know you aren’t a Medical Doctor, Dentist, or Optometrist. So we have to remind them that you aren’t a Veterinarian, that’s why you came here. Respect our position and well respect yours.

That’s just a few more for the never ending rage inducing list. Do you have any to add? I’m going to go to sleep before I lose it. That’s just my two cents.

Poetic Ice

Showdown at Shoney’s


Shoney’s is a great restaurant that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to eat at. Every one that I’ve been to has had a pleasant staff that are eager to serve you. But today one waitress today probably wanted to quit. Through the constant volatile bickering from an older woman who was the definition of crotchety, I learned her name was Brenda.

Today this woman who made it her mission to annoy and/or annihilate her server apparently ordered a sweet tea before My wife and I arrived. The server brought a diet coke to the table by mistake. This mistake was not life changing and only would only take seconds to correct once the server is notified.

Yea I know that's McDonald's tea. You get the idea

They do look similar in a glass full of ice. Its an easy mistake to make when you have an entire section of people to serve. But this woman was not going to forgive poor Brenda. She instantly went on a tirade about how she didn’t want the drink and how she wanted tea. “I wanted tea, is that hard to ask? Bring me some tea. What are they doing back there? Fighting to see who is going to make the tea?” There was nothing sweet about her. The server brought her a Tea after her barrage of insults and continued to work her section.

At this point the queen of crotchety found a woman in her section and chose to unload all her concerns of the world and Shoney’s future. She went from how much she didn’t like her server to her current political views. This poor woman was held hostage, with pancakes. Every time Brenda returned she would use a sweet and snarky voice to ask “Are you okay?” To which her server would reply yes ma’am I’m fine. How are you? The older lady would laugh, but once Brenda left she would say to her hostage, “I don’t think this is the life for her. She may be on drugs.”

She went on to disturb the other servers in attempt to get her Brenda’s last name and question whether or not they have noted drug usage. She stated that she wasn’t trying to be mean, she was just trying to save Shoney’s. She continued by saying that Her whole say was ruined by this one mistake. She said she loved Shoney’s and only wanted to help out. Once she was done berating her and eating she flagged down another server and hounded her to dispose of the Diet Coke she left on the table. She said she didn’t want that girl to try and give it to someone else.

Really? Who would take the drink from one table and give it to the next patron who wants a drink? This lady full on believed that Brenda would serve the drink to another. She left and found the General Manager. And told het about her day and Brenda’s apparent drug use. He walked her out after she paid and came back in saying “I have no clue what she was talking about. She is crazy.” my wife and the other servers all laughed because she was crazy. Why would you berate someone for about 30 minutes and say she’s on drugs just because she gave you the wrong drink by accident? Poor Brenda still walked around with her head hung low. That woman could have very well ruined her day. For what? Sweet tea? My wife and I felt so bad for Brenda, and at a lose for the reason behind the elderly lady’s rant.

How would you feel if you were Brenda? Could you put up with her abuse with a smile like she did? I don’t think I could.

That’s just my two cents….

Poetic Ice

Money, The New Holiday Spirit

Halloween has come and gone yet again. The dust hasn’t even settled on the spooky celebration and we in America have been bombarded with Christmas music, ads, and sales on every media outlet available. Its only the first week of November and we’re already singing Christmas carols.

No Turkey For You

I’ve yet to see mention of Thanksgiving. The American media has been driven to consumerism and away from any kind of Holiday spirit. Turkey day isn’t an important matter to the world anymore because there’s not that much profit to be had. The most a lot of people do for that day in November is buy a lot of food. People buy food regardless, and periodically people buy a lot if food for events and parties, so all year round this happens. No real money earn here for stores in comparison to people dropping loads of cash on gifts and decorations for Christmas.

Mo, mo, mo, Money!

The stores push you to spend as much as possible starting November 1st. The spirit of the holidays is no apparently measured on receipts. There is no push for togetherness, love, family bonding, or caring for others. We don’t bond like we used to, and are made to feel bad if we don’t drop whole paychecks on gifts. What happened to the spirit of the holidays? That joy of being with your loved ones and wanting to just spread love and be loved. There used to be more emphasis on giving the gift than buying the gift.

That’s just my two cents… I guess in honor of the holidays, my two thousand on the subject…

Poetic Ice